Centre Awards

Previous Centre Captains

2014-2015Jack Lowrie / Brianna VohlandEthan Clarkson / Jake Hollinger / Sophie Hartley
2013-2014Benjamin Totoro / Chelsea KeongSofia Castrillejo / Joshua Totoro
2012-2013Mitchell Eager-FiskGeneveive Peij / Josh Totoro
2011-2012Josh Totoro / Geneveive PeijTyson Keong / Clementine Lepper
2010-2011Daniella Volling / Jeremy WoolridgeJoel O’Hanlon
2009-2010Daniella Volling / Patrick PattonAmy Young / Tom Grieve
2008-2009Rosa Castrillejo/Reece LaceyJonquille Blanchard / Sam Fox
2007-2008Beth Horsburgh / Ben Beaven
2006-2007Peter Correlje
2005-2006Glen Crimmin / Samantha Maykin
2004-2005Amy Horsburgh
2003-2004Catherine Hannell / Elizabeth Wolfenden
2002-2003Alan Murray / Melissa Ford

Centre Attitude Award Sponsored by Aussie Brake & Exhaust

Winners of this award must have demonstrated the ideals of Little Athletics such as leadership, respect, perseverance, sportsmanship and enthusiasm.
2014-2015Jack Lowrie
2013-2014Brianna Vohland
2012-2013Genevieve Peij2001-2002Amy Horsburgh
2011-2012Joshua Totoro / Tia Herd2000-2001Melissa Ford
2010-2011Joshua Totoro1999-2000Luci Smith / Craig Wolfenden
2009-2010Patrick Patton1998-1999Amber Male
2008-2009Daniella Volling / Rosa Castrillejo1997-1998Luci Smith
2007-2008Ben Beaven / Daniella Volling1996-1997Stephen Volfenden
2006-2007Peter Correlji / Robbie Van Allen1995-1996Emma Smith
2005-2006Glenn Crimmin / Beth Horsburgh1994-1995Jeremy Reeves
2004-2005Amy Horsburgh1993-1994Craig Wolfenden
2003-2004Glen Brimmin1992-1993Mark Glynn
2002-2003Allan Murray1991-1992Joseph Serridge / Elizabeth Serridge

Centre Manager Award Sponsored by K&K Wolfenden Pty Ltd

2014-2015Melinda Cotterill
2013-2014Bernadette Lowrie
2012-2013Tania Herd2005 -2006The Giles Family
2011-2012Ken Clarkson2004-2005Vince Blanchard
2010-2011Karen Vohland2003-2004Samantha Maykin
2009-2010Helen & Chris Fullerton2002-2003The Crimmin Family
2008-2009Barry Nolan2001-2002Jack Gurtner
2007-2008Kerry Guilfoyle2000-2001The Cooper Family
2006-2007Allan Grieve / Peter Guilfoyle1999-2000The Smith Family

Appreciation Gift

These awards are presented as a token of appreciation for the contributions made to our centre. Nominees are usually members of the public who do not have children competing at the centre.
2014-2015Anthony Vohland / Caleb Spinks
2013-2014Karen Wolfenden2007-2008Karen Wolfenden / Vince Blanchard/ Barrry Nolan Lisa Beaven / Steve Hayward
2012-2013Rob Justice / Annie Hahn / Pat Burrow2006-2007Barry Nolan /Amy Horsburgh
2011-2012Kathryn Ross/ Barry Nolan2005-2006Barry Nolan / Vince Blanchard Karen Wolfenden /Lisa Beaven Sandy Horburgh / Amy Horsburgh
2010-2011Karen Wolfenden2004-2005Karen Wolfenden
2009-2010Brother Charles2003-2004Steve Murray/Dylan Bushell
2008-2009Richard Cessford-Fitness n Motion2002-2003Chelsea Pratten Christopher Crimmin Mary Waldon

Centre Service Award

This award is presented for long term outstanding service to Caboolture Little Athletics.
2014-2015Bernadette Lowrie
2013-2014Karen Vohland
2012-2013Karen Vohland2001-2002Sandy Horsburgh
2011-2012Ray Totoro2000-2001Kathy Ford
2010-2011Barry Nolan1999-2000Peter Cooper
2009-2010David Lacey1998-1999Mary O’Brien
2008-2009Karen Wolfenden1997-1998Irene and John Morris
2007-2008Vince Blanchard1996-1997Joyce Smith
2006-2007Liz Correlje1995-1996Carol Smith
2005-2006Jack Gurtner1994-1995Karen Wolfenden
2004-2005Bronwyn McGowen1993-1994Cyril Vandenberg
2003-2004Claire Pratten1992-1993Mary Waldon
2002-2003Steve Murray1991-1992Ross Wolfenden

Centre Appreciation Plaque

These awards are presented as a token of our appreciation to our longstanding supporters.
2014-2015Councillor Greg Chippendale
2013-2014Meatcity & Caboolture Sports Club
2012-2013Elite Cabinet Makers2003-2004Ningi Fruit
2011-2012Bunnings Warehouse2002-2003Caboolture Shire Council & Perry’s Hire
2010-2011Brother Charles2001-2002Tiber Industries &Fantastic Reproductions
2009-2010Caboolture Sports Club2000-2001The Centre Pharmacy
2008-2009Struddys Sports Morayfield1999-2000Caboolture Electronics & Caboolture Sports Centre
2007-2008Shapland Swim School (Shane & Desley Moon)1998-1999Caboolture Hire Service
2006-2007Bellmere Convenience Store1997-1998Bruce Mclean’s Mufflers & Martin Jonkers Motors
2005-2006Ergon Energy Brisbane1996-1997Ampol Road Pantry
2004-2005Caboolture Business Enterprise Centre1994-1995McDonalds Caboolture

Longman Award

2015No Nominees
2014No Nominees
2013Karen Vohland
2012Anthony Vohland
2011Peter Guilfoyle
2010Karen Wolfenden
2009Barry Nolan